Peace River Audubon Society donates to Environmental Learning Lab

Recognizing that the School District of DeSoto County’s Environmental Learning Lab (ELL) is a magnificent preservation of some of Florida’s native ecology, the Peace River Audubon Society (PRAS) recently donated funds to support their efforts.

“The funds were designated by select teams who participate in an annual event known as a Birdathon,” stated James Comfort, Treasurer of PRAS. This fund-raiser is enjoyed by all the teams and demonstrates what a pristine environment we are able to enjoy.

The event was held on April 5, 2014, and five teams competed for spotting the most birds in the one day event. The winning team, Archaeopteryx, won the coveted 1st place and all bragging rights by spotting 109 different species. Second place was awarded to the Birders and Kinglets who tied with 101 species each. In total, the five teams saw 132 species for the day.

Two of the teams, the Roadrunners and Mangrove Cuckoos, chose to donate their earnings to the ELL which is a long-standing project of the School District of DeSoto County. The funds were awarded to the ELL by way of the DeSoto County Education Foundation which manages numerous private donations for the school district.

“We are happy to handle this donation for PRAS and will make certain that 100% of the dollars donated go to the ELL,” stated Martha Jo Markey, Executive Director of the foundation. “Our mission is to work with the private sector and all charitable organizations to ensure support for the school district.”