DeSoto High School Class of 2014 Top 10% Honored

The Top 10% Ceremony is an event that recognizes those DeSoto County High School graduating seniors whose final GPA is within the top 10% of the class. This ceremony is recognition of those students who have worked for four years to maintain excellence in their academic studies. Students who earn Top 10% status are offered tuition assistance scholarships to South Florida State College.

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Congratulations to the DeSoto High School Class of 2014’s Top 10%

Jesse Arthur
Juan Barajas
Clayton Bonville
Alondra Cardenas
Magdalena Cardenas
Amber Cheraz
Whiley Drymon
Morgan Guidry
Casey Hall
Jonathan Hilton
Latrevious Jessings
Javier Manriquez
Steven Ochoa
Cassandra Parker
Sunni Phanco
Carlos Ramirez
Tishonna Riley
Lucila Ruiz
Nakayla Stewart
Sergio Villafuerte
Dale Willard