DHS Robotics Team Wins Big!


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DeSoto High School’s Robotics Team went to their last regular season tournament last week and made it to the semifinals for the second week in a row.  Their goal was to get invited to the state championships in Tampa on February 13th.  There are two ways to make it to state competition. One is to win a regular season tournament, which they  fell just short of, and the other way is to be ranked high enough in the skills scores to be invited.

Chad Mansfield, the Robotics Team Sponsor is proud to say the students are currently ranked 7th in the state in driver skills points. This is a huge accomplishment for the team since it is their first year competing.

A huge thank you to Mosaic for their support and funding to make the team become a reality.  This year the high school also received a grant from Motorola which addresses the science and engineering practices of robotics in the Physics classes and feeder schools outreach which is a component of the program.

Congratulations  to the students for their hard work!

Donny Stiner / Luke Peachey /  Cody Cassiday / Maximino Montoya-Vazquez /

Jessica Kilgore / Caitlin Carlson / Mark Grueber