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Established in 1997, the DeSoto County Education Foundation (DCEF) is an independent, non-profit community organization that supports enhancement programs in the School District of DeSoto County Florida. The foundation is a separate entity from the DeSoto County School Board, and all decisions are made with the input and direction of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of community members who volunteer and are dedicated to providing the leadership to implement those projects which will benefit DeSoto students and the greater community at-large.

The goal of DCEF is to acquire and distribute resources to DeSoto County Schools which enhance, enrich and supplement learning opportunities for students, staff and the community. We achieve this by providing direct support for student development, encouraging staff excellence and creativity, promoting the school district as a center for community learning, and helping to build a strong school partnership with the private business sector.

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The DeSoto Education Foundation is a member of the Consortium of Florida Education  Foundations