Classroom & Teacher Mini Grants

Robotics Team at Competition

15-16 Langford class

Supported by some of the community’s major corporate education supporters, DCEF will again be supporting creative learning initiatives in the classroom by offering grants to teachers and schools.

The main focus for these grants includes:

  • STEM,
  • literacy,
  • low-performing students, and
  • teacher quality (professional development opportunities).

In past years, these grants have given teachers extra resources to engage students and directly impact learning gains.

“These additional funds will allow me to conduct experiments and projects that the students would otherwise not have benefit from”, stated one grant recipient last year.  “This is a great way for local businesses and the foundation to support the teachers in the classrooms. -DeSoto County Teacher

The Foundation is constantly working with businesses and the community to pursue new programs that benefit our students, teachers, and schools. If you have an idea, we want to hear about it.

     Click Here for 2021-2022 Mini Grant Information

Please contact Mary Kay Burns at  for more information.