Scholarship Procedures for Donors

Verify Funds (March)

Donors, check the balance that is noted in your email.  If your balance is below the scholarship amount, please send in the adequate funds.  Mail scholarship checks to DCEF, PO Box 1903, Arcadia, FL 34266.


Pick Up the Student Applications (March)

For local donors in Arcadia, your packet of scholarship applications will be at the following location: TBA 2019

For the out-of-state donors, I will send an electronic copy of the scholarship applications to the email address on file.

Choose Your Recipient (April)

*It is recommended that a committee chooses the recipient(s), not one person.

Each donor will need to complete a Scholarship Recipient Form that includes a signature by the donor (for auditing purposes) and email it to Sara Walker at

Email the Scholarship Recipient Form (attached) by TBA 2019.

Attend the Ceremony (May)

DHS Class of 2019 Awards & Scholarship Ceremony will be held TBA 2019 … the Turner Center.

  1. A board member of the DCEF will read the description of the scholarship on stage. (We have these descriptions on file, but if you would like it changed, please send us an updated description of your scholarship.)
  2. The donor will present a scholarship certificate (provided by DCEF at the awards’ night) to the student. The certificate folder will also include a letter to the student regarding the college enrollment verification process as well as the procedures necessary to receive their funds.
  3. A photo opportunity will be available off stage at the ceremony.

Students Receive the Funds (June – August 2019)

Each student recipient is responsible for emailing the following information to Sara Walker at  DCEF will distribute funds directly to a college or university.

  1. college enrollment verification with a college student ID number and
  2. the address to the college registrar’s office.