Mini Grants Application Guidelines

  1. The entire application package is to be completed in full.
  2. All grant applications must include your site administrator’s signature.
  3. Grant Recipients will be required:
    1. to send "thank you" acknowledgments to sponsors
    2. confirm parental permission for student photos which may be used in a DCEF publicity campaign
  4. Email the application to
  5. DUE:  open until all funds are spent
  6. Complete a short survey.


  • classroom materials
  • project supplies
  • travel expenses
  • training
  • professional development
  • conference admission


  • food/beverage/entertainment
  • interscholastic athletics
  • computer software and hardware
  • training
  • awards and incentives
  • decorative items

DCEF Mini Grants Application

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*A quote from your site's bookkeeper for the items and the amounts is required.
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Project Focus

What priority area(s) will your project address?*


Project Details

Example: Strand LAFS.4.RF: Reading Standards: Foundational Skills (K-5)
Cluster 3 LAFS.4.RF.3 : Phonics and Word Recognition


Project Timeline:

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